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Marriage Made In God’s Image Retreat

Monterey Church of Christ has partnered with
Marriage Made In God’s Image retreat. 

“Marriage Made in God’s Image” is a 3-day marriage enrichment retreat designed to follow only one agenda, and that is the will and purpose of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through this 3-day enrichment ministry, you and your spouse will discover and re-discover things about yourself and each other you never realized. Your spiritual growth during this time will be totally dependent on you. You may be asking yourself “What will I get out of this weekend?” or “What can I expect from this weekend?”, the answer in both cases is, “I don’t know!” What you take from this ministry is what you give to this ministry. What walls will you allow to be broken down? What obstacles are you willing to moved out of the way? How far are you willing to go?

See the details below for information on the next retreat date.


February 14th – February 17th

(Thursday – Sunday)


Click HERE to Register
Click HERE for Brochure
Click HERE for retreat Website


For more information please contact Joey Drumright at

The Feast

Fasting Resource (click here)

Station Map (click here)

As Christ-followers we believe prayer feeds, nourishes, and develops both our souls and our city. True prayer is not a burden, but a Feast. For 24 hours in November, our Worship Center will become a dedicated House of Prayer. The room will include a variety of stations and prayer practices (like Thanksgiving, Forgiveness, and Journaling) to help guide you into a self-paced encounter with God.

In preparation for our time spent in prayer, we encourage everyone to join us in fasting during this 24-hour period. Please schedule 30-60 minutes in your weekend to join The Feast!

When: November 17 – 18 (noon-noon)
Where: Monterey Worship Center

Saturday, Nov. 17th:

12pm – Kick-off with Worship
1pm-11:59pm – Prayer stations open
(**Free childcare for children ages Birth – 2nd Grade is available from 6-9pm**)

Sunday, Nov. 18th:

12am – Midnight Worship
1am-6am – Prayer stations open
6am – Set up for Sunday worship services
8:30am – A cappella worship service
9:45am – Bible classes for all ages
10:45am – Instrumental worship service



Our HEALING station will feature several different topics that will be prayed over
during our 24-hour prayer event. Here are the times each topic will be prayed over.
If you’d like to pray or receive prayer for any of these, please join us!

Sickness & Disease — 1pm, 8pm, 4am, and 11am
Chronic Pain — 2pm, 9pm, and 5am
Addiction — 3pm, 10pm, 6am
Relational Brokenness — 4pm, 11pm, 7am
Infertility — 5pm, 1am, and 8am
Emotional Wounds — 6pm, 2am, and 9am
Spiritual Wholeness — 7pm, 3am, and 10am


Click HERE to sign up!

On Saturday, October 6 the Monterey family will scatter across the city to offer our work, play, and presence to our neighbors. As part of our ReNEW series, this is one way we demonstrate God’s Love in the world: to LOVE FIRST.

Choose from 20+ Love First projects, from park clean-up and light home repair, to creating Care Packages for teen moms and “stocking the kitchen” with former foster youth. There are projects for ALL ages!

HISKIDS Teacher Sign-Ups

Thank you for considering investing and inspiring the children of Monterey. Please take a look at the available quarters for the next year and find a place to help inspire, teach and help Kids come to know Christ better. 
For questions, please contact us at or by calling the church office at 806-795-5201.

KSG (Kids Small Groups) – Wed. Nights 2018/2019

Sign-Up HERE



Sign-Up HERE


FALL 2018

Sign-Up HERE


WINTER 2018/2019

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Sign-Up HERE



Sign-Up HERE


Sunday, March 25th | 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Get ready to join 50,000 people in prayer, from 300 churches across Lubbock and West Texas!
Learn more at


We need 365 volunteers to cover areas of parking, greeters, ushers, and clean-up.
(Click above to sign up!)


Childcare is available to Monterey members (birth-2nd grade) 3:30-7:30pm.
Register in the Great Hall or through the church office by March 18.
For older children, activity bags will be available at Jones Stadium to help them participate!

For questions about the event or volunteering, please contact us at or calling the church office at 806-795-5201.

Missions Sunday|4.15.18

Special Missions Contribution Goal:

Monterey’s 7th Annual Missions Sunday is planned for April 15, 2018. This church continues to grow in its commitment to be the presence of Christ in the world. From a financial perspective, our annual operating budget reflects growth in that commitment, but your participation in this special contribution also allows us to honor commitments beyond our weekly contributions, and to expand our involvement in ministries in the Lubbock community and around the globe.

The goal of our first Special Missions Contribution in 2012 was $65,000 with the specific purpose of assisting Jim and Phyllis Beck in their transition to Kenya (including the purchase of a vehicle). The Missions Committee was overwhelmed with your response! This church gave over $120,000 that year, giving us the incredible opportunity to expand our outreach around the globe! And your generosity has continued each year! The average for these annual contributions is $118,000. Expansion of our Missions Ministry now includes ongoing commitments in several countries:

  • Daniel Chengo & Stephen Thethe (Kenya)
  • Landon & Courtney Shuman (Tanzania)
  • Caleb & Jenny Beck, and the African Transformation Network (Rwanda)
  • Jamie Wheeler’s ministry with Open Door (Lubbock)
  • Olive Branch Ministries (Nicaragua and Peru)
  • Mission Para Christo (Nicaragua)
  • Medical clinics (Kenya)

Three years ago, we also began utilizing a percentage of this annual contribution for expansion of our Community Ministries right here in Lubbock! What a blessing!

In many respects, this year’s contribution will bring us full circle! We want to honor these ongoing commitments, and to continue expansion of our community ministries. I encourage you to prayerfully consider what you are able to give over and beyond your regular giving to the work at Monterey. Pray that God will bless this contribution as we continue to partner with a variety of mission efforts around the globe!

Barry Stephens

Married People: Game Changers Event

 OCTOBER 18, 2018 | 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Join us for MARRIED PEOPLE: GAME CHANGERS. This is a one-night event for married couples to gather & learn more about what make our marriages tick and to learn “What Happy Couples Know.” Our theme is sports connected, “Game Changers,” and therefore encourage you to DRESS WEARING YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM JERSEY!
Click HERE


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Childcare reimbursement is available for those who wish to submit the above form and who attended the above listed event. Please be aware, we will ONLY reimburse based upon the rates and times listed on the reimbursement form UPTO 3 hours maximum. If you have any question, please contact Joey Drumright at or by calling the church office.

For questions about the event, please contact us at or calling the church office at 806-795-5201.

VIDEOS – Men & Women in the Body of Christ


One of the blessings at Monterey is the opportunity for spiritual growth. In coordination with the elders, ministry staff, and Adult Education Committee, in the spring of 2018, we offered a five-week class, taught by Barry Stephens, on the topic “Men and Women in the Body of Christ.” The class included segments on how to read the Bible, how God has gifted believers, and the roles of men and women in the body of Christ. Those presentations were video recorded, and are available At the links below. If you have a problem accessing the videos, please contact Joey Drumright at

“How We Read The Bible”
 Click HERE
“Creation & The Fall”
 Click HERE
“An Overview Of Scripture”
 Click HERE
“Key New Testament Texts”
 Click HERE
“What About Marriage?”
 Click HERE


You’re invited to the 2018 Work as Worship Retreat, where eleven influential business leaders and pastors will discuss what it looks like to connect faith and work. Monterey Church of Christ is a hosting site for this 1–Day simulcast retreat on February 23, 2018. The cost is $25 a person which includes lunch.
Join Patrick Lencioni (Author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team), Joel Manby (CEO, SeaWorld), Phil Vischer (Creator, VeggieTales and Jellyfish Labs), Wendy Davidson (President, US Specialty Channels Kellogg Company), Matt Chandler (Lead Pastor, The Village Church), and others in a day filled with real-life stories, biblical teaching, and practical wisdom that will equip believers in the marketplace to see their work as an opportunity to care for their families, fulfill their calling, and bring glory to God.
We encourage you to check out this video for a better understanding of what Work as
Worship is about.
LEARN MORE: To learn more, visit to see the schedule, speaker details and more about the conference. You can also register from this site. Make sure you pick Monterey Church of Christ as your host site.
REGISTER: To register for this 1 day retreat
Thanks again for considering joining us for the special 1 day event. If you have any questions, please contact us at We look forward to see you on February 23rd!

Going Viral Weekly Resource


Each Friday during this series we will email the scripture for Sunday’s sermon along with a weekly resource for after the sermon to engage with throughout the week. 
If you are not getting an email and would like to, please contact us with your email information at



To prepare for this Sunday, read Acts 15:1-21
If you haven’t already check out the overview video of Acts 1-15 below.



Click on the LINK below to download the daily reading and questions connected to the sermon. Read and ponder the question for each day! 

Create Your Own Psalm


This Summer during the Sunday worship series, we are challenging our church to write, draw or sing their own Psalms. Psalms express the full range of emotions and experiences. Some are praise and celebration. Some are sad and express pain and suffering. Others express both, and how God has rescued people from the
hardships and sadness they felt. Ultimately ALL Psalms are written to express to God how we feel and what we are going through and how we want Him to act or intercede. We want you to express the same through writing, drawing, painting, singing your own Psalms. Once you create your own, we encourage you submit them to us. By submitting these you are giving us permission to use them in our services or to post them on our “Psalms Wall”.  All submissions are anonymous unless you indicate other wise.
Ground Rules:
1. There is NO wrong way to do this.
2. Psalms are written/drawn/sung TO or ABOUT God.
3. Write, draw, paint, sing your own Psalm.
4. Submit them to us below.



Click HERE



Click HERE


For questions, please feel free to contact us at or by calling us in the church office at 806-795-5201.

Mahenzo Orphan Sponsors

Mahenzo School in Malindi, Kenya is looking for 35 child sponosors. $30/month provides them with education, school supplies, a uniform, and two meals a day. Mahenzo integrates  vulnerable chidren (in poverty and/or orphaned) and children with families to help foster long-term community and support.

Monterey members currently sponsor around 100 students and several classrooms. If you are interested go to the Mahenzo table in the Great Hall on Sunday or contact JennyBeth at

Hurricane Relief


When the bleeding stops, the heavy work beings.
Monterey continues to be invested in prayer and opportunities to support those in the ongoing process of rebuilding lives in the Houston and Florida areas. We continue to manage a donation account for Hurricane Relief as we coordinate with churches on the ground in the area.
If you would like to contribute you can donate HERE or by check in our church office payable to Monterey Church of Christ and write “Hurricane Relief” in the note section.

For questions about our hurricane relief efforts, you can contact us at hello@monterey