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Dear brothers and sisters,
Monterey’s mission is to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus who make a difference by being a visible presence in our community and world. Currently, there are almost 60 ministries in place at Monterey that help us fulfill our mission. Those ministries are led by approximately 150 Ministry Leaders.
Every two years, we affirm/reaffirm Ministry Leaders to provide leadership for those ministries. The current plan is to affirm and bless our Ministry Leaders on Sunday, November 15. Attached is a copy of current ministries with a description of those ministries. With each ministry, you will also see the names of Ministry Leaders who have agreed to continue serving, and the staff liaison for each of those ministries.
In addition to the Ministry Leaders who have agreed to continue serving, if you’d like to submit the names of men, women or couples in the Monterey church for consideration as Ministry Leaders in one of our ministries, you may do so by clicking the link found below. Please submit those names by Sunday, October 18.
May God continue to bless us as we engage in kingdom work!
In Christ,
Monterey’s Elders
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