Global Ministries

Malindi, Kenya

Jim & Phyllis Beck have worked with their neighbors in and around Malindi since 1985. We are partners with their work to see God’s kingdom come through the church, both spiritually and physically, through holistic initiatives including faith development and discipleship, health, education, agriculture, equipping villages to care for their own orphans, and vocational sustainability.

Daniel Chengo is a valuable partner in Malindi. He works in areas of church leadership, orphan care, education, healthcare, and business and agriculture initiatives that provide food and income stability for the poor.

Stephen Thethe lives and serves in the Malindi area. Stephen started and operates the Mahenzo school in Nine Poles, which offers much needed education to hundreds of children in the area. Many of these are orphans sponsored by Monterey members. Stephen shares work in many areas with Daniel and the Becks.


Kigali, Rwanda

Caleb and Jenny Beck moved to Kigali, Rwanda in 2006 to work with young adults who were orphaned by the Rwandan genocide. The Becks began a ministry for reconciliation called Xtra Mile that seeks physical, social, emotional and spiritual restoration of a burden population. They also partner with the Africa Transformation Network, a group of not-for-profit organizations and individuals that seek to transform Rwandan communities. Follow Caleb and Jenny’s blog here.


El Salvador

Manuel and Marina Azucena work with multiple churches in El Salvador, coordinating worship and Bible Studies each week. Manuel attended the Sunset School of Preaching and now teaching upcoming preachers. He also helps plan conferences at different churches throughout the year.

Herbert and Gloria Ortega work with multiple churches in El Salvador. Herbert attended Sunset School of Preaching and helps teach others to be leaders in their congregations. Herbert, Gloria, and their Son Isaac, are active in providing opportunities for men, women, teens, and children to be incolved in the church.

Monterey’s involvement in El Salvador began in 1965. Since the 1970-80’s, Monterey has supported these families who have helped plant and lead many congregations over the years.


Jinotega, Nicaragua

Case Materna is a maternity home connected to Mision Para Christo that seeks to reduce maternal and infant death rates in the region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. With five locations, Casa Materna provides pre- and post-natal care and education for mothers from rural areas with high risk pregnancies. They have served over 17,425 women in their 23 years.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Landon and Cortney Shuman moved with their two children (Amanda and Radyn) to Tazania in 2014, and currently work with two other missionary families there. As they acclimate to the culture, they are connecting with their neighbors, whether Muslim, animist, or Christian, to build friendships that will honor God. Courtney is seeking ways to better serve women and families.


Olive Branch Ministries

Monterey members of all ages have joined in trips and initiatives with Olive Branch Ministries International. Countries with which we have been involved include El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua, Guyana, and Uganda, ranging from medical missions to kids’ summer camps, from collecting shoes for orphans to supporting the reduction of maternal mortality in undeveloped countries. See our Mission Trips page for more details on opportunities to serve abroad with Monterey and Olive Branch.


World Bible School

Monterey has been involved in the work of World Bible School (WBS) for many years and continues to have a group who actively serve students studying the Bible in all parts of the world.


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